Find the Stability You've Been Missing

Get an innovative post-op knee brace in Shreveport, LA

Are you recovering from a knee injury? Maybe you need a post-op knee brace following surgery. No matter the case, Bishop Knee Braces in Shreveport, LA offers braces for knee instability when you need them most. Our braces are custom-made using 3D print technology to ensure your brace is made specifically for you. Our impressive braces are commonly used following injury to aid in knee deformities and to help with pain during high-impact sports.

For more information about our functional knee braces, call 318-333-1331 to speak with an expert.

Are you a good candidate for a knee brace?

A custom-fit knee brace from Bishop Knee Braces may be just what you're looking for to relieve your discomfort. Our braces are ideal if you have:

  • A varus/valgus deformity

  • Ligament injuries

  • Meniscus damage

  • Knee instability

We also get great feedback from patients who need post-op knee braces. To find out if you're a good fit for our braces for knee instability or other ailments, call 318-333-1331.